Rofiqun Nabi


Rafiqun Nabi is a Bangladeshi artist and cartoonist, best known for Tokai, a character symbolising the poor street children of Dhaka. He earned his BFA the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, and studied Printmaking at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Greek Government’s Post Graduate Scholarship. Nabi’s paintings often depict the rural beauty of Bangladesh, accompanied by bold strokes and soothing hues. His works have been widely exhibited in Bangladesh and abroad. Nabi is also a recipient of numerous awards including the Promoters Prize, Inter Graphic-80, Berlin, Germany; Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Award; Tri-Taranga Gold Medal, Chittagong; S M Sultan Padak; and the Ekushey Padak. He served as the President of Bangladesh Charu Shilpi Sangsad and Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Nabi is presently a freelance artist.