Abdus Shakoor Shah


Abdus Shakoor Shah is a Bangladeshi painter and calligrapher. He earned his BFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka; and went on to complete his Post Diploma in Fine Arts from MS. University of Baroda, India. Shakoor’s concepts frequently revolve around ancestral and historical themes. His paintings often include Bengali folk motifs and ballads. Peacocks and parrots as well as elephants, bulls, cats, tigers, serpents and lizards are prominently featured in his works.

Shakoor’s works have been widely exhibited in Bangladesh and overseas. He is a recipient of the Lalitkala Academy Best Prize; the Excellence Award (Post and Telecommunications) in Tokyo; Diploma Uczestnictwa, Poland; the Honourable Mention Award in the 13th National Art Exhibition; the Tokyo ACCU competition runner up prize; Pacific Group Gold Medal in the 15th National Art Exhibition, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy; UNESCO and Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellowship, Umbria, Itlay; and S M Sultan Padak; amongst numerous others. Shakoor is a former Chairman of the Crafts Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka.