Amar Bondhu Rashed

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Set during the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh, Amar Bondhu Rashed depicts how war is perceived through the eyes of children. The plot revolves around a boy named Ibu and his friend Rashed. While most kids failed to comprehend the events that surrounded them, Rashed was politically versed and explained to his friends what this conflict meant to them. Based on the Zafar Iqbal’s novel of the same title, the film was directed by Morshedul Islam.

Showtime: 01, March, 2017, at 4PM

Anil Bagchir Ekdin

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Anil Bagchir Ekdin is a film about twenty six year old Anil Bagchi, and his journey back to his village during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. Based on Humayun Ahmed’s novel of same title, the film was directed by Morshedul Islam.

Showtime: 28, February, 2017, at 8PM


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Aynabaji is a story of Ayna, a struggling actor who finds success in serving as body doubles for powerful convicted criminals in prison. However, after falling in love with the girl next door, he decides to end his career after one last job, but that soon proves to be a lot more difficult than he had perceived. Aynabaji is director Amitabh Reza’s debut feature film and exhibits the dark underbelly of Dhaka’s criminal justice system.

Showtime: 27, February, 2017, at 8PM

Born Together (Janmosathi)

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Born Together is a documentary film directed by Shabnam Ferdousi. Ferdousi was born on January 14, 1972 along with 13 other children at the Holy Family Red Crescent Hospital. However, searching for her birth mates, she came to discover three to four of them were conceived as a result of rape committed by the Pakistani occupying forces during the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh. The documentary explores the conditions these children were born in and raised as, and the attitude suffered by them growing up. The film was jointly produced the Liberation War Museum and Ekattur Television, and released in 2016.

Showtime: 22, February, 2017, at 4PM

Dipu Number Two

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Based on Zafar Iqbal’s novel of the same name, Dipu Number Two is a story of a 12 year old boy befriending his bully and embarking on an adventure together. Directed by Morshedul Islam, the film was awarded with the title of Best Child Actor and Best Supporting Actor at the National Film Awards, Bangladesh, in 1996.

Showtime: 28, February, 2017, at 4PM


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Directed by Akram Khan, Ghashphul is a film about young man named Touki, in his journey to find the author of a mystery letter, signed ‘Ghashphul’, and rediscovering himself in the process. The film stars Kazi Asif, Saila Sabi, Tania Bisti, Naila Azad Nupur, and Manas Mukhopadhoya.

Showtime: 03, March, 2017, at 4PM


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Based on the Syed Shamsul Huq’s novel Nishiddho Loban, the film follows the events of the night of 25 March, 1971, after the Pakistani military conducts a mass genocide on East-Pakistani civilians. The story of Guerrilla revolves around the resistance in their attempt to counter the cruelty with urban guerrilla movements. Guerrilla was awarded with the highest awards in 10 categories at the 2011 National Film Festival, Bangladesh, and highest awards in 4 categories at the 2011 Meril Prothom Alo Awards.

Showtime: 22, February, 2017, at 8PM

Jalaler Golpo

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Jalaler Golpo is a three part chronicle of the life of an orphan boy rescued from a river and how he deals with abandonment at different stages of his life. Director Abu Shahed Emon’s debut film, Jalaer Golpo was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards, ‘New Current’ nomination at the Busan International Film Festival in 2014, and won the award for the Best Film at the 19th Avanca International Film Festival in 2016.

Showtime: 27, February, 2017, at 6PM


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Based on Akhtaruzzaman Elias’s short story ‘Raincoat’, Meghmallar is a film portraying the sacrifice and endurance of the ordinary people during the Liberation War. Set in the monsoon of 1971; Nurul Huda, a simple chemistry of a suburban government college, is incarcerated by the Pakistani military on the suspicions of being a freedom fighter. Meghmallar is the story of his fear, courage and hope.
The film was awarded for Best Director, Best Child Artist, Best Sound Recording, Best Story and Best Dialogue at the National Film Awards, Bagladesh, in 2014.

Showtime: 23, February, 2017, at 4PM

Oggatonama (The Unnamed)

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Oggatonama is a tragicomedy- drama film directed by Tauquir Ahmed. The story revolves around the father of an expatriate worker, who is informed that his son had recently died in an accident. However the coffin that was delivered to him contained the body of someone else. The film was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards.

Showtime: 27, February, 2017, at 4PM

Rina Brown

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Rina Brown is a love story between a between a young Christian woman and a Bengali man during Liberation War of Bangladesh. The film is written and directed by Shameem Akhtar.

Showtime: 02, March, 2017, at 4PM


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Runway is a story about an underprivileged boy named Rahul. He lived in a small hut near the airport, and aimlessly spent his days under the shadows of airplanes, frustrated in his futile efforts to find work. But everything changes after he meets Arif, a confident young man with a sense of purpose. Arif inspires Ruhul to find the meaning of his life and place in a holy war, but Rahul soon the cost of his new found purpose.

Showtime: 01, March, 2017, at 6PM


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Television is a Bangladeshi comedy-drama film directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. The story revolves around a village elder/cleric who deems all films to be sinful, and bans the television from their community. Starring Shahir Huda Rumi, Chanchal Chowdhury, Mosharraf Karim, Nusrat Imroz Tisha, and others, the film was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards.

Showtime: 22, February, 2017, at 6PM

Titash Ekti Nadir Naam

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Titash Ekti Nadir Naam is a film about a newly-wed couple separated at the river. Based on Adwaita Mallabarman’s novel of the same name, the overall narrative is told through interconnected stories of multiple characters. Directed by Ritwik Ghatak, the film depicts an honest portrayal of an era lost in time.

Showtime: 01, March, 2017, at 8PM

Under Construction

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Under Construction is a film about a woman struggling to define herself in the modern society of Bangladesh. Stuck in an unhappy marriage, she decides to reconstruct a famous play for a more contemporary setting; reclaiming her identity, freedom and sexuality in the process.

Showtime: 28, February, 2017, at 6PM